Amsterdam Sosyal Medya ve PR Zirvesi 2013

Zappos, MTV ve Marvel varmış bu sene. Dev.


Engaging customers, the public and the media in the digital age

May 16-17, 2013 • ING House • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 2013 International Social Media & PR Summit.

This summit will provide tacticstoolsand tips to transform your PR efforts through the use of social media.We’ve brought together PR experts from all over the world to share best practices and case studies so you can return to your office with a long list of action items.
  • Scott Monty
    Scott Monty
    Ford Motor Company
  • Deirdre Breakenridge
    Deirdre Breakenridge
    PR strategist
  • Arnt Eriksen
    Arnt Eriksen
  • Tom Foremski
    Tom Foremski
    Silicon Valley Watcher
  • Patrick Kampmann
    Patrick Kampmann
  • Ryan Penagos
    Ryan Penagos
    Marvel Entertainment
  • Christian J. Porter-Schultz
    Christian Porter-Schultz
  • Peter von Satzger
    Peter von Satzger
  • Lars Silberbauer
    Lars Silberbauer
    LEGO Group
  • Shel Holtz
    Shel Holtz
    Holtz Communication + Technology
  • Loren Becker
    Loren Becker
  • Mark Ragan
    Mark Ragan
    PR Daily & Ragan Communications
  • Here are just some of the inspiring and tactical sessions you will hear at this year’s summit:
  • Zappos LogoZappos’ Experience & Community Team Manager, Loren Becker, in his keynote presentation, Loren Becker reveals the ingredients of’s world-famous “culture of happiness.”
  • MTV LOGOViacom’s PR Director, Peter von Satzger, formulates Viacom’s Youth & Music Channel messages to 14 markets around the world. Hear how they alter communications for these markets by language. Von Satzger also analyzes Viacom’s adjustments to different advertising laws and very different cultures.
  • Marvel logoMarvel influences daily nearly 2 million highly engaged followers on Twitter. Hear how the Marvel team manages multiple Twitter accounts while keeping their brand message consistent.
  • Holtz LogoShel Holtz shows why the fundamentals of crisis communication from decades ago remain valid. But, he warns, social media has changed the execution of these fundamentals dramatically. You will hear how using social media in a crisis minimizes the fallout on your organization during the “critical event period.”
  • Dierdre LogoDeirdre Breakenridge discusses how the use of technology and communications together raises the profile of public relations in the eyes of executives and the public, moving PR from tactics to strategy. Hear tips and best practices pertaining to eight new must-learn PR practices.
  • Lego LogoLEGO has mastered the art of content marketing, attracting and retaining customers around the world through valuable and shareable content. Hear why your company needs to be a media distribution company, creating content aimed at customer interests rather than at making a sale.
  • DDB LogoDDB‘s Chief Innovation Officer, Art Erikson demonstrates how to craft stories that will communicate your company’s “heart” to customers and stakeholders.
  • ING LogoING, rewarded as the best social media company of 2012 in the Netherlands will share some interesting insights on how they became successful and how they use social media to restore trust in the ING brand.