The World’s First Twitter Hotel

Twitter Oteli

Digital Mike

How to make your social media come alive? If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you are missing out on Sol Wave House hotel in Majorca, Spain which was launched by Meliá. It has been dubbed as the world’s first Twitter hotel.

“WOW! Interesting concept! I want to go there someday!”

When guest first check-in, they are given access to an exclusive Twitter app, only available on the hotel’s Wi-Fi. Guests will be able to communicate with the hotel’s staff, such as the check-in desk and room service, via hashtags. No more 20th-century phones and awkward conversations! The hotel’s visitors can interact with one another by using the #SocialWave hashtag. Mini-fridge contents looking a little low? Just tweet #FillMyFridge and the concierge will take care of it.

To create a measure of privacy, all virtual interactions take place within an internal community available only to guests through the…

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