Rockstar Divulges Grand Theft Auto Online Details, Sets Launch Time



Ready for Grand Theft Auto Online, the ambitious multiplayer angle your copy of Grand Theft Auto V‘s been teasing with a “This area will be unlocked once GTA Online has launched” placeholder since the game debuted a few weeks ago? No? You’re still punching through the solo experience?

So am I, friends, so am I, and I probably will be for months to come. But hark, October 1 won’t wait, and while we teeter on the brink of a government shutdown, Rockstar’s about to destroy (or at least modestly cripple) the interwebs with a downloadable GTA Online update as who knows how many millions of players scramble to sign in and see what Rockstar’s been cooking.

In view of the launch tomorrow morning, Rockstar just published a primer on its blog, including the following explanation of how you’ll access multiplayer mode:

Access to Grand Theft Auto…

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