At Summer’s End

A Family Out of the Ordinary


It is here…the end of the summer season. It’s sad for me and joyous at the same time.

I’m sad because looking back, we should have went swimming more often, should have played more thoroughly in the sand. Hiked more trails and blazed even more of our own. We should have blown more and larger bubbles, rod our bikes harder and farther. On and on.

The lesson in that? As parents we can always do better and give more of our time. Yep, that’s all, just give of ourselves. Time spent together doing the incredible things in life, like digging in the soil and making mud pit to jump in. (Katie, you may want to send boots and extra clothes next week…I have an idea!)

So why am I joyous then?

We swam in the pool a lot. We played in the sand and surf and swam to the buoys…

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