Seggiovia Monte Solaro

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Taking a ride on the Seggiovia Monte Solaro (chairlift) from Anacapri to Monte Solaro; the highest point on the island, is a magnificent way to see Capri’s beauty in it’s entirety. This excursion may not be for the faint of heart as you must sit alone on a thirteen-minute ride up the mountain but it is certainly worth it. From the moment you leave the lift station you will be awe of the sites ahead of you. On the ascent to the top you have an aerial view of the island allowing you to view the abundant vegetation and even some of the exquisite properties that would otherwise be hidden by gates or tall walls. When you finally reach Monte Solaro you have the opportunity to get off the lift and soak in the view of the Gulf of Salerno and Naples, Anacapri, and the Isle of Ischia. You will…

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