Wittgenstein on Philosophy, Pt. II

Active Philosophy

This follows Wittgenstein on Philosophy

We are beginning to plumb Wittgenstein’s concepts deeply.

It took 5 books to get to this point – but I audaciously believe that I can illuminate his intentions better than the several rehashed critical essays I have read, which to me sell his thoughts short.

The best starting point comes from The Blue Book, which is not conventionally considered in the major canon of Wittgenstein, but ought to be.

“It is a typical metaphysical question; the characteristic of a metaphysical question being that we express an unclarity about the grammar of words in the form of a scientific question.”

The philosopher attempts to “fix” the meaning of a word in a certain situation and treat it as general, instead meaning is deeply invested in real world use of language and impossible to distill otherwise.

He proposes: “Consider as an example the question ‘What is time?’ as Saint Augustine…

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