With this digital pen, you can spell check your handwritten notes


With a Kickstarter pledge of £109 (add £10 for overseas shipping) that equals about $162, I could never misspell potato or broccoli again on my grocery list.

The Lernstift pen, a project created by two fathers hoping to help their children detect spelling and handwriting mistakes, looks like a pretty cool project that shows how radio technology embedded vision and fancy algorithms can all come together to add more interactivity to a device.

The pen combines electronics and connectivity to gently vibrate when a person using it spells a word incorrectly or writes illegibly. A lot of things go into this package — from licensing handwriting recognition software to building a custom board that’s oval instead of rectangular. And because it’s a fledgling product, it might never get made, but the founders are hoping to have the first products to backers this fall.

Earlier this week I got excited

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