5 things I’ve learned in 24 hours as a SXSW newbie

SXSW’ye ilk kez katılan teknoloji meraklısı bir newbie nin 24 saatte öğrendiği 5 şey


Because I’m a journalist and somewhat of a nerd, which means I do things like read Romenesko and Poynter for fun every day, I’ve wanted to come to SXSW in Austin for years. I don’t remember when I first started feeling the pangs of missing-out-on-coolness-emanating-from-Texas in March, but I definitely muted the Twitter hashtag for at least the past two years and was deeply jealous of anyone I knew who went. When my journalism professors complained about having to go and moderate a panel last year, I thought they were the height of annoying. How could you possibly complain about hanging out with super hip people in a super hip city with tacos?

But now, less than 24 hours into my first SXSW experience, I’m sitting on the floor of the Austin Hilton charging all my dead iDevices, telling someone that, no, they can’t take my picture for a Tumblr of people charging…

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